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Regardless of which branch of the armed forces you or your family member serves, securing experienced representation is crucial.


With over 40 successful years in court martial cases, we can help your family.

We'll stand with you throughout the process

With so many resources available to the prosecution, the court marshall process is nearly impossible to get through without proper representation.


We'll fight for your rights from day one, never waver or be swayed by intimidation tactics, and always move forward with your best interests and future in mind.


Just because you've been court martialed doesn't mean you're guilty, and we'll provide the legal framework that allows you to be successful.


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Dedicated to standing up against injustice

If you have recently been court martialed or believe you will be in the near future, contact our staff today .


Court Martialed? You're still innocent until proven guilty.

We have successfully defended clients of all four branches of the military. Army Navy Marines Air Force As a retired Army officer, Mr. Rankin is familiar with the Law and the Armed Services and successfully defended individuals in all

brances of Military.

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